Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The little things in life

Dieu: "Do you know anyone in NSU CN?"
Lady:"Yes, my students are in the show"
Dieu: "Your students?"
Lady:"Yes, I'm a teacher. And I've heard all about the undemocratic 2/3 rule"

Lady #2: "It's just ridiculous, yea I'll sign your petition"

These are the comments that keep me going, because I know that what I'm doing is very relevant to the community. Normally, you would think that these older ladies in their 40s would be very unreceptive to political involvement, and in some cases may even lack the language skills necessary. However, all it takes is a try to find out.

I did that, and not surprisingly, out of all the adult-looking audience members that I talked to, only two seemed to have language difficulties, and everyone else were registered to vote. Most were very supportive of the California Democracy Act once I explained to them what we are striving for: efficient government, democracy for California, and funding for higher education.

Cecilia told me last week that I shouldn't ever give up. Looking at the support I have, staff from VSU, and CDAC, I can't give up. Feeling the enthusiasm from people like Nelson, I know we need to keep learning how to become stronger through supporting each other.

Knowing the worthiness of the cause, we need to eventually succeed.